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New CD: “Under The Banyan Tree”- NOW AVAILABLE!

I’m happy to announce that the new CD, “Under The Banyan Tree” is now available and ready to ship. To preview and order the new CD, just click on PREVIEW / BUY CDs in the navigation column to your right. Here’s some more info…

This is my 12th independent release and, to the best of my knowledge, the first-ever “live” recording ever made under the enormous 135 year old banyan tree in Old Lahaina Town. This single, amazing tree takes up almost an acre and is the largest tree of it’s kind in the Northern Hemisphere. You have to see it to believe it. The tree was brought from India in 1873 and it was planted right across the street from beautiful Lahaina harbor. So much incredible history exists at this special spot that I feel honored to have been a part of this project.

Unlike my other past releases, this is my first full-length collaboration with another musician and I’m primarily using The Chapman Stick to accompany the beautiful, haunting sound of wooden flutes as played by master flutist, Lance Israel. Lance plays Native American flutes, Japanese Shakuhachi flutes and a number of others from around the world. The music is peaceful, calming, meditative and relaxing.

I like to think that the music on this recording was born in a divinely inspired meeting of two musicians with a very eclectic combination of instruments. We had only just met at the banyan tree a few weeks before these recordings were made. There were no rehearsals or written music to follow; somehow the music just flowed forth from our instruments and it just happened, like it was meant to be. We watched and listened to each other. And that was all. It just came out. It was truly musical magic playing under this tree and we’re grateful that this incredible music was captured so you may now enjoy it whenever you want a peaceful change of energy- at any time, no matter where you may be. We hope you will enjoy the music as much as Lance and I enjoyed creating it.

You can hear clips and preview “Under The Banyan Tree” by clicking on the link, Preview / Buy CDs, in the right hand column. And- speaking of this website: I’m happy to announce that my son, Cameron, has completely and totally re-designed it from top-to-bottom for a whole new look and lots of new features. Hope you’ll take a look (and hear the new CD while you’re here)- I think you’re gonna like it!

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