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  • Love your music. We have Hawaiian Paradise and it reminds us of beautiful Maui. We’ll be visiting there in October and hope to see you under the Banyon Tree. Why don’t you do a jazz or blues CD? We’ve heard a little jazz from you and absolutely love your style.

  • Michael’s music is the soul of soothing sweetness and light. Beautiful lyricism, and very personal and happy, as if singing you a lullaby.

  • My wife and I visit Maui every year and we make it a priority to see Michael perform at least twice while we are there. We own most of Michael’s albums and being huge Beatles fans we were both very excited when the Beatles chapman stick came out.

    Just last month a beautiful baby girl was born into our family. We made a mix of all the chapman stick albums that we have because they are so peaceful and relaxing to my wife. Michael’s music played for hours in the delivery room and was the first music our little baby girl heard when she came into this world.

    Thank you so much Michael for sharing your talent and love for Music! It has been a blessing in our life!

  • I just moved to Maui in November and wanted to remove myself from the news and the radio with all the junk and commercials that come with it. So I set out to buy some CD’s that would support the peace and tranquility that the Island has to offer. Michael Kollwitz music is by far the most soothing and beautiful music I have ever listened to. The sound is so unique and amazing, that when I play it to my friends, that cant believe the instrument that produced it. My favorite CD is The Chapman Stick meets The Beatles and my favorite tune is # 16 While my Guitar Gently Weeps. Thank you Michael for the most Beautiful contribution you make in our lives. Sincerely Johnny

  • I met Michael Kollwitz in approximately 2006 ish. He had justed started performing in Old Sacramento, the historic district of Sacramento, CA, where we continue to miss him, now that he has moved to Maui. I am a balloon sculpture/entertainer in Old Sacramento. On the first day we met, I invited him to join a birthday celebration for another entertainer, Kevin the Town Clown who also does balloons in Old Sacramento. When you meet Michael, you feel like you have known him your whole life, he is that personable. Michael was an instant hit as an entertainer there, as he is everywhere he goes. He would set up by Steamers Coffee on the corner of Front and K Street, and create the most beautiful ambience for their diners and passerby. His entertainment was purely magical, as he mixed performing songs with education about his specific instrument, the Chapman Stick, as well as sharing his deep knowledge and love of music in general. As extensive as his repertoire has grown, including his new study of Hawaiian melodies and harmonies, during the times I shared an hour or two making sculptures for his audience, I almost always would request “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz. His rendition of that remains my centerpiece of favorites from his long and growing list of masterpieces. Kathy Davis, who makes cards for American Greetings says: “Joy through Art, Joy through Living, Joy through Giving…” Michael lives this advice. Also, Shakespeare said it best with this enduring quote: “If music be the food of love, play on.” Godspeed from Roy Ele in Sacramento.

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  • We will see you the last of September and I will buy your new CD at that time. I think I have all of the others. Your music is beautiful and I am remembering the first time I heard it walking down the street in Lahaina. I have visited with you several times since then as we go to Maui every 2 years.
    Kay Nelson Lubbock, TX

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  • We enjoyed our visit with you and your wife over the Thanksgiving weekend at Lahaina. So glad we got the Christmas CD which added much to our Christmas. With the holidays over we can new get to know you and the Beatles better.

    Thanks to you and your gracious lady.

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  • Hi, I first saw you play at the Nevada County (CA) Fair and loved it from the get go. I now live in Kihei, HI Maui and saw and talked to you and your wife under the Banyon tree. Like your work very much. Thanks for the music….we need more of it lately in these trying times.

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  • Great song – takes me back to Lahaina..and I’m in Florida…the rain in the background is nearly experiential!
    Wonderful! So glad you are safe too! Thanks for sharing. Mahalo