Michael Kollwitz

Playing With The Best…

…has been a theme for me in this month of March 2008. I feel so fortunate! On March 1st, I performed with two of Maui’s great long-time musicians- Benny Uyetake and Glenn Kakugawa – at a corporate event in Wailea at The Grand Wailea resort. What a night! Not only are they awesome musicians, they are real jokers and can be downright hilarious. Needless to say, we had a blast! (there’s a shot of us that I just posted in the Photo section above) On March 15th, at the Ocean Arts Festival in Lahaina, I had the pleasure of performing on stage with Wilmont K (Willie K’s younger brother). Wilmont’s voice and guitar playing are amazing. Oh- that voice! Plus, his knowledge of Hawaiian history and how he weaves it into his performance is a real treat. Then, to really top it off, my good friend and fellow veteran Stickist, Bob Culbertson, joined me under the Banyan Tree this past Sunday March 23rd for a Stick Jam at the Lahaina Arts Society Art Fair! In my opinion, Bob is one of the instrument’s greatest players and, for me, it was an honor and a privilege to play with him. The audience was stunned by the amount of music that can be produced by two 12 string Grand Sticks (I’ve also just posted shots of Bob & I in the Photo section above). In a recent email to his members, Lahaina Arts Society president Al Harty said:

“We enjoyed fantastic music by Michael Kollwitz & his visiting friend, Bob Culbertson, both playing their unique Chapman Sticks, on a wonderful Easter Sunday under the Banyan Tree!   What a rare, rare treat!!”.

A big mahalo (thank you) to all for making this such an enjoyable and memorable month for me. Aloha and Kani Ka Pila! (“Let’s Make Music!”)

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  • I heard you play 3 times in 2007 starting with Maui County Fair venue; I am looking forward to more in Sept & Oct 08. Did you ever meet Courtney Branch? He is an amature musician, lives in the same complex you do. Great website! I look forward to adding your Hawaiian album to the two I already have. K