Michael Kollwitz

New Videos on YouTube

Recently I have gone through my personal archives and I’ve found videos I shot while still on Maui that were never posted or shared. Two of them feature songs from my latest CD release “Snap Shots”. The original Chapman Stick composition “Little Miss Laptop” was shot in the living room of my Lahaina apartment on the new SG-12 Stick Guitar instrument. The oldie, “Sleepwalk” was shot at the Whalers Village Concert series in Kaanapali and the Maui Photo Collage was put together in 2009 using the original tune “Front Street Stroll” from my CD release “Hawaiian Paradise”. My personal favorite is the heavy metal version of “Blue Hawaii” that was shot in the hills of Launiopoco with the island of Lanai in the background. I got so tired of playing the Elvis version of this old movie tune that I had to do something to retain my sanity. I also used the SG-12 Stick Guitar instrument in this video. To see any of these videos go to my YouTube channel by clicking the link below (or copying and pasting into your Internet browser):


In other musical news, I’ve just completed my latest release “The Chapman Stick Meets The Beatles- Volume Two” and it should appear on CDBaby and iTunes in the next week for purchase as a digital download. My first Beatles CD (Volume One) has been one of my most popular CDs ever since it’s release in May 2011. I still love The Beatles and there’s no shortage of great Beatles tunes to reinterpret on The Chapman Stick: so why not? On this new Beatles album, I’ve introduced a lot of new sounds and textures using a Stick outfitted with a guitar synthesizer. It’s a whole new sound for The Stick and a new take on 15 more great Beatles tunes. I think you’ll enjoy them!