Michael Kollwitz

New Site & DVD Release

dvdcover2.jpgAs you may have already noticed- my site has been completely revamped. It has powerful new features like search, radio clips and you can leave comments on just about anything! Please do- I love to hear from you. GREAT NEWS: The DVD is now at the duplication plant and I’m told it will ship very soon. The DVD is entitled simply “Live In Concert” and it includes 20 songs all shot before a live audience on July 30th. We spent 5 weeks and 60 hours in post-production editing and it looks fantastic. The final cut blew my mind! We’re trying to put together another great release party to get it off the ground. If you’d like to attend, please sign up for my monthly performance calendar email and I’ll be happy to send you an invitation. Until then, All the Best, ~Michael

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  • Michael’s music takes me to a place of imaginations beauty. It reminds me of how the kings would call for a musician to sooth their soul. If there were musical angels on earth, Michael would be among the best. No matter the style of music you may prefer, Michael has mastered them all. Enjoy! Tthank you Michael for sharing your talent and if only for a moment soothing my soul.