Michael Kollwitz

More great video by Joel Samuel on YouTube!

Joel continues to to find all kinds of gems in his vast video archives. When I lived in Arizona in the 90’s, he featured me on a number of episodes of his long-running show, “Backstage Pass in Arizona”. Well, he’s digging some of them out of his vault and posting them on YouTube.com (so I can remember what I looked like with a mustache!) The latest clip is titled “Ununusual Musical Instruments” and you’ll first see a man play a 126 string zither. It’s awesome. Then, you’ll see me perform one song on a 10 string custom Stick in front of an audience of about a thousand people. The event was the 9th Annual Arizona Entertainment awards and it took place at the Red River Opry in Tempe, AZ on August 1, 1993. It really brought back many happy memories for me. I hope you’ll enjoy it, as well. Plus, check out some of Joel’s other videos- he currently has over 60 videos posted on YouTube and they’re excellent. He did shows with both Roseanne Barr and David Spade way back when they were still virtual unknowns. Thank you, Joel!