Michael Kollwitz

Maui Sunset Song (new FREE video)

Here’s a short little video (3:28) that I thought you might enjoy. It was recorded on West Maui at a holiday concert performed on Christmas Eve 2009. The sun sets behind Lanai just as the song concludes. Yes- I can control the Sun! LOL 🙂

If you enjoy the video, please leave a comment. Or, better yet- subscribe to my video feed and you’ll be notified by email anytime I put up a new one. Still working on the new CD. It will be my tenth audio CD release in as many years. I’ve written a half dozen new originals for the album and there will be some great covers, as well. They include ‘White Sandy Beach’, ‘Daydream’ and even a Santana tune, ‘Flor de Luna’. I think you’ll enjoy the new CD and I’ll let you know as soon as it is ready to ship.

To watch Maui Sunset Song, click below-


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  • What a joy it is to receive your emails, especially today, it’s 20 degrees and we haven’t seen the sun in 7 days!!! Loved the song and the SUNSET — looking forward to that new CD. God willin’ we’ll be back in April 2011.

    Mahalo for your emails keep ’em coming. See ya, next year. Bev
    Arlington Heights, IL

  • We love to get emails from you. Loved the Christmas Eve song. Thank You! We are homesick for Maui and the Banyon Tree. We are planning a trip soon! We will find where you are playing! Thank You!

  • Hi Michael,

    I am a friend of Alex Nordstrom and he introduced me to the Chapman Stick and I have explored stick.com. He recently sent me your Christmas Eve Maui Sunset song. I loved it. I also saw (and posted on Facebook) your beach performance. I loved sending it to friends and relatives who live in snowy areas for a mini vacation.

    I will keep in touch,
    Brad Callahan