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I’m back on the mainland !!

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After a grueling, non-stop six year World Tour of Maui it was necessary that I be taken to a private clinic in the bamboo rainforest above Hana where I was treated for the little-known but serious condition known as Hawaiian Tropical Exhaustion Syndrome. During the treatment I learned that yes, it’s true- you can only go snorkeling so many times before it catches up with you. Little did I know but all that continuous sunshine and near constant temperatures of 75 degrees can only worsen the condition. The doctors concluded there was only one cure for me- I must return to the mainland immediately and spread my Chapman Stick fueled brand of musical cheer at festivals, fairs and concerts anywhere they’ll have me. To protect against any future episodes of HTES they warned me to never visit Sea World, watch old surf movies or listen to the Beach Boys. So far, so good. I still get shaky whenever I see palm trees.

All kidding aside, it’s great to be back! I’ll be based in the Lake Tahoe area during the summer and fall. I’m really looking forward to seeing many of you who I missed while I was in Hawaii. I hope you’ll come out and say hello sometime soon. I’ll be on the road to some of my old haunts and hopefully lots of new ones, too. As time permits, I may even get to perform at some house concerts for those of you who might be interested in hosting one. I hear they’re a lot of fun.

I’ll kick off the summer this coming Memorial Day weekend at one of my all-time most favorite events- the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. I met so many of you there over the years it will be a joyful reunion. I can’t wait. I’ll have a brand new CD entitled “Snap Shots” and lots of new Stick music to share with you. You’ll find more upcoming events listed in the above right box “UPCOMING”

I’ve posted a number of new songs (in their entirety) on both here my website and in my electronic press kit (click link below). Thanks, as always for your support of my music on The Stick. Doubt if I could have ever made it this far without you…

All the best,

~Michael K

Chapman Stick soloist

www.sonicbids.com/MichaelKollwitzTheChapmanStick  (Electronic Press Kit)