Michael Kollwitz

Back on the mainland this Summer


Michael K & The Chapman Stick

I’ll be back on the mainland this coming summer performing at some of the great festivals and fairs I used to frequent plus I’ll be spending time up in the Tahoe/Reno region because it always makes me feel good to be up near the lake. My newest CD release, “SNAP SHOTS” is  being pressed at the duplication plant now. I’m really excited about the new CD because it is quite different from my earlier work. Some of the songs are soulful like Santana and other songs are as wacky as Zappa. No one will be able to call the music boring and if one track puts you to sleep the next track will rudely awaken you. It includes more original material than ever before. All the songs on “SNAP SHOTS” were recorded on Maui performing on various models of Emmett’s instruments including the 12 string Grand Stick, the 10 string Alto Stick and the 12 string Stick Guitar (SG12). No two songs are alike! Some are purely solo performances. Some feature drums or percussion. Some use sound effects while some do not. Some were recorded “live” at remote island locations and others were recorded in a studio setting. These songs are a collection of “audio snapshots” representing different time periods, events and feelings I’ve experienced while living on Maui. And they have all have been musically interpreted on The Stick for your listening enjoyment… I think you’re really gonna like it. “SNAP SHOTS” is my 16th independent release and it will be available May 2013 . I’m also hoping to perform at some ‘house concerts’ as time permits. If you are interested in hosting a house concert (or if you know of places where my music on The Stick would be welcome) please let me know. House concerts are a lot of fun: an intimate live music performance for just you, your family and friends right in your own home or backyard. Let’s do it!