Michael Kollwitz

[FREE SONG] “Hookipa Point” (from the album ‘Hawaiian Paradise’)

FREE SONG- Another track different than my peaceful music: it was also recorded on Maui and inspired by an amazing spot. The song ‘Hookipa Point’ is FREE for download until August 3rd. (Hookipa Point is Mecca to windsurfers around the world and also home of the monster 50 ft. winter waves of “Jaws” near Paia, Maui)


Go to the Bandcamp link for the song ‘Hookipa Point’ above, click Buy Digital Track and just enter $o.oo (or any amount you wish) and you’ll be able to download it in any type of digital file you want (i.e. .mp3, .wav, etc.) Drag into your music library and it is yours to keep forever.

P. S. ‘Hookipa Point’ is track #5 on my album ‘Hawaiian Paradise’. If you’d like the whole album- just type HOOKIPA in the coupon box in your shopping cart to receive 25% off. Offer good until August 3rd. (Please note- this is a physical CD. Bandcamp link above is only for digital albums and a great place for FREE songs!)