Michael Kollwitz

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Just click on the link below and you’ll be directed to MySpace.com, where I’ll treat you to 3 full length audio tracks and a three and a half minute video clip from the new DVD, “Live In Concert”. Hope you’ll stop by and say “Hi”. If you like what you see and hear, please be sure to leave a comment! Plus, I’d love to have you as a MySpace “freind”‘. That way you’ll always know when I post something new on MySpace.com.  Thanks in advance for checking it out!


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  • I have known Michael for about 5 years now and from the very first time I heard him play the Stick I knew he was talented and different beyond any musician I had ever heard.
    I have all of his CD’s to date and love the sounds that Michael brings out of the Chapman Stick.

  • I have known Michael for many years and he is not only a great musician, but he has integrity to go with it.
    He is always a pleasure to work with and a welcome addition to my video library.