Michael Kollwitz

Video and TV Updates

Aloha from Maui to you all!

Thanks for all the positive comments (150+!) for the “Stick Man” video that Roy Plisko and I produced late last year in Phoenix. It made it to the top of the heap on Current.TV in both the US and the UK. We’re told that it will air nationwide, hopefully later this summer. You can watch it now at: http://www.current.tv/watch/23590124 Let us know what you think, if you haven’t already.

I’m currently digitizing some more great TV appearance video clips I did on the Mainland in the last year. They should be up soon on YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. Two of them are really good ones from KCRA Channel 3 in Sacramento in the past year. Once I post them, watch the anchor’s expression (on 5/21/07) when I tell him I’m moving to Maui. It was priceless..

If you click on the VIDEO tab above and scroll down past the info about my DVD, you’ll find two more great videos. The first one is an excerpt from my ‘Live In Concert’ DVD where I perform my original tune, ” Steppin’ Out’ “, in front of a live audience. The clip is also on www.YouTube.com where it has already been viewed 17,500 times!

The second video (right below it) is the final, edited cut of my original tune ” Waterfallin’ ” that was produced by Roy Plisko in Phoenix late last year. It’s one of my favorites because of Roy’s masterful camera work, lighting and amazing editing skills. You’ll find both of these- and a dozen more (including videos of me in the early 90’s by producer Joel Samuel) on YouTube.com. Just search my name- ‘MICHAEL KOLLWITZ’ and you’ll find them all, no problem.

For network television talk show producers: we’ve created a 1:58 video promo clip just for YOU! It’s a high quality teaser clip that covers all the basics in less than 2 minutes. Once you see it, I’m confident you’ll want to have me as a guest on your program. This special clip will be posted under ‘Bookings’ in the next week or so. If you’d like it emailed to you sooner, just send me an email and I’ll shoot one over to you.

Again- Mahalo to you all for your support of my music on The Chapman Stick! I promise to ‘Stick With It!’ – Michael K