Michael Kollwitz

“Under The Banyan Tree” Coming Soon

Very shortly, I’ll be releasing another new CD entitled “Under The Banyan Tree”. This release was a collaboration with wooden World flute player, Lance Israel, and it was recorded LIVE under the enormous, 135 year old banyan tree in Old Lahaina Town.

We’re told this is the first-ever live recording made under this incredible tree. Lance performed on Native American and Japanese Shakuhachi flutes (to name a few) and I perform on both 12 string Grand and 10 string Alto Stick. The music is dreamy and meditative- unlike anything I’ve done in the past.

You’ll want to buy a copy for your massage therapist! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised; it’s the perfect music for ‘de-stressing’. It should be ready to ship in a few weeks so, if you’d like to know when it arrives, just sign up for my email newsletter (scroll below- on the right side of the page).