Michael Kollwitz

Two (2) New Videos for The Stick EWI Project!

Next Friday I’m releasing a brand new album entitled ‘The Stick EWI Project- In The Moonlight’ with Electronic Wind Instrument player, Walton Mendelson. Advance reviews have been incredibly positive and reviewers are saying this is a sound that is quite unlike anything they’ve heard before. To the best of our knowledge, The Stick and The EWI have never been paired together before. Reviewer Dick Metcalf called the album “a total winner”! Scott Yanow (jazz journalist/historian and author of 11 books including ‘Jazz On Record 1917-76’ and ‘The Jazz Guitarists’) said: “Since both The Stick and the EWI can be an orchestra by themselves- this album is well worth checking out!”

Walton and I have just released two beautiful music videos that you’ll find below. There are ten more gorgeous tunes on the album.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9LWuKG_-VA      (Pleasant Dreams)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BXBNhb9MXs    (In The Moonlight)

The album is still available at a discount for another week via special pre-sale pricing of $10 CD / $ 7 digital. Just click below to review or order it. The first wave of pre-sale shipments left Sedona earlier today so if you’ve already ordered the album, it is already on its way! If not, please order now and it will ship at the special discounted price within the next few days.