Michael Kollwitz

Serenity- Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick CD


Peaceful & soothing for healing arts, relaxation & quiet times.


SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! ‘Serenity’ reached #8 on the Zone Music Reporter chart in Sept. 2017 and was nominated for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of 2017 by One World Music Radio in the United Kingdom. It also gained placements on the ‘Spa’ channels of seven international airlines and the video for the track “Mystic Vista” received a nomination from the Hollywood Music In Media awards in early 2018. The iconic outline of Sedona’s landmark Bell Rock is featured on the cover.


1. Mountain Sanctuary 5:20
2. Mystic Vista 3:45
3. Greatest Possible Gift 5:03
4. The Four Pillars 3:35
5. A New Life 4:21
6. Best of Everything 5:13
7. Joyful Reunion 5:00
8. Simple Pleasures 4:38
9. Warm Lasting Embrace 3:45
10. Never Alone Again 3:32
11. Quiet Full Moon 4:02
12. Higher Power 4:39
13. The Seven Canyons 2:46
14. No Hurry No Worry 4:25
14 tracks total playing time – 60:11


Charting:      Debuted at #8 on Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart Sep. 2017

Nominated: Best Contemporary Instrumental Album of 2017 by One World Music Radio (United Kingdom)

Best Instrumental Acoustic Album of 2018 by the Zone Music Reporter Awards

The track “Mystic Vista” for Best New Age Song of 2018 by Hollywood Music In Media Awards


“Right from the opening piece, “Mountain Sanctuary”, it’s the beautifully calm and intimate melodies themselves that emerge as the most captivating element on the album – expressed through the vehicle of Michael’s equally beautiful instrument. Evocative of the sand and sea, the listener’s mind is easily transported to a Polynesian paradise via the leisurely arrangements of softly layered textures and atmospheric tones.” – Candice Michelle, Aural Awakenings

“Michael Kollwitz is a Chapman Stick virtuoso extraordinaire. Kollwitz’s newest release, Serenity: Peaceful Music on the Chapman Stick, is aptly titled. It is, in fact, blissfully peaceful. Kollwitz’s mastery of and seeming “oneness” with the Chapman Stick is evident. Serenity feels effortless and is utterly captivating across its 14 tracks. It’s one hour of sublime, soul-soothing relaxation.” – Dyan Garris, NewAgeCD.com

“Created in Sedona, Arizona, this remarkably beautiful album has all elements of this geographically stunning state woven throughout, creating a tapestry of sound that is as delicate as it is robust.  From the vibe that is Sedona, to the majesty of the mountains and the still, timeless beauty of the plains, Kollwitz has deliberately or otherwise, used these elements in this latest album, an album which is once again, different to the music he has, over many years created. A unique and delicately beautiful album, guaranteed to refresh the body, mind, and soul.” – Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews (Australia)

Serenity by Michael Kollwitz is an album that could never have been named better, the peace and calmness of this release brings us a haven of wonderment that we can all delightfully be a part of, and all thanks to the most heavenly and harmonious performances by the artist. Each piece is crafted lovingly to manifest a sanctuary of soft sound for us to bathe in. I thoroughly recommend this album in a heartbeat, may all your nights be long, pleasant and idyllic, and they will be with ease, by embracing Serenity by Michael Kollwitz.” – Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio (UK)

Michael had the great fortune of being tutored by the creator of The Stick, Emmett Chapman. What a blessing that was for us all. Now to hear the result of 40 years of hard work is just an amazing musical trip. I have to say I have never heard The Stick played like this. It truly is amazing. 5/5 Stars” – Keith ‘MuzikMan’ Hannaleck, NewAgeMusicReviews.net

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