Michael Kollwitz

Other places to get my music

Sometimes one of my online distributors may be out of stock of one of my CD or DVD titles. If that happens you can probably  find my music at another distributor. Currently my titles are at: www.cdbaby.com, www.amazon.com, www.bathtubmusic.com and www.filmbaby.com . You can also find me at www.iTunes.com and most of the other online music download sites. At any of these sites just put “Michael Kollwitz” in the search engine and I’ll come right up. Happy Holidays!

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  • I surfed to your site and let some friends listen to your music and watch the video. Very nice. It was disappointingly chopped up on TV and so good to watch an entire song performed. I’m very happy to see that 2006 is “happening” for you. Best of everything my friend. I’m very proud to know you. Dave

  • My wife and I have known Michael for approx. 5 years and have every CD he has produced, and I’m here to say that once you hear the music he makes you will want all of the Cd’s also.

    Al and Mary Lou Mosier