Michael Kollwitz

Here today- gone to Maui

First of all- thank you Sacramento (and all of Northern California) for embracing and supporting my music on The Chapman Stick since 1998! It has really been exciting and I hope to see ALL of you again soon. My wife and I have opened a new chapter in our lives and we have relocated to Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Hope you’ll come and visit us in the near future. Aloha and let’s keep in touch!

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  • Hi Michael and Christine, I hope you are enjoying your new location. I have a 2nd cousin attending the Univ. of Hawaii. Her boyfriend is from Maui. She hopes to relocate to Maui. Send pictures when you get a chance! We went to Art Fiesta last weekend and of course, you were not there.

  • ALOHA, My Man…I heard your music under the Banyon Tree JULY FIRST. I’m very impressed.Since your here…. I want to own a Stick and make some music. Could you give lessons? Anyway.. welcome to Lahaina. Keep up the good work!

  • Michael & Christine, What an absolute privilege & pleasure to sit beneath the Banyan tree in Lahaina, and talk to you both while listening to your music. (I’m the “Samba Pa Ti” guy, and yeah I do have a soft spot for that song.) The music added a gracious touch to the sun and mood of the day, as well as providing a wonderful oveture to our 20th wedding anniversary. We hope to see you both the next time we are in Maui, or you find yourself in the Tacoma/ Seattle area.

    Take care, and Peace & Harmony to you both. Chuck & Eileen

  • Aloha Michael from the the chilly Pacific Northwest. Our daughter Emily & her friend Monty will be on Maui from 11/20 to 11/30. I’m hoping she’ll come by the Banyan Tree and introduce herself. I may have to send some $’s with her to purchase a couple of your CD’s. Take care, and we hope to visit Maui again next year. Aloha, Chuck