Michael Kollwitz

Meeting Herbie Hancock in Phoenix: May 1993

Here’s a shot from my photo archives that always brings a smile to my face. I accompanied Phoenix jazz singer Sherry Robertson on The Stick at the wedding of Maria & Luis on May 24, 1993. I did not know that Herbie Hancock would be the Honorary Father of the Bride. You can imagine my surprise when Herbie walked into the room! He has an enormous persona that just fills the hall and I noticed he couldn’t stop smiling. Herbie sat in the front row and really focused on our music. After the wedding, Herbie shook my hand and said “You’re awesome on that Stick”  I didn’t wash my hand for days hoping I could absorb his ‘vibes’ by osmosis. I asked him to autograph the back of my 12 string Grand Stick #977 and he kindly obliged.