Michael Kollwitz

Two New Podcasts!

‘Tap In Time’ with Gene Perry, Victor Bruhn and Claire Steger


The man who may be the most prolific Chapman Stick recording artist on the planet joins us in this episode- Michael Kollwitz is in the studio! Mike has insights and stories galore to share, borne of playing for so many years, being one of Emmett’s students early on, and living and recording in many different locales. Plus, Michael and Claire spend some time diving into advice regarding the configuration and maintenance of studio computer resources. We hear about Michael’s upcoming book release- “Stick With It- Adventures of a Chapman Stick Player”… judging by some of the stories he shares with us, this book is a “must buy”!

Tap In Time Chapman Stick podcast with Gene Perry, Victor Bruhn and Claire Steger

‘Words and Music’ with Jim Reilly


I’m the very first guest on Jim’s new podcast. Jim is not only the author of Emmett Chapman’s biography ‘StickMan’ but he also wrote one of the forewords in my new book. His description of the podcast:

“I can’t think of a better person than Mike to kick off this Podcasting journey with me.

What does it take to be an early adopter? A first follower?
More than that, what does it take to be that early adopter who Sticks with it for more than 45 years and becomes an integral part of the movement he helped create?
Those are the questions Mike Kollwitz digs into his new memoir Stick with It – Adventures of a Chapman Stick Player. Forgive the Stick puns, they are intentional, and I’ll let Mike tell you about the The Chapman Stick, what makes it different, and where you’ve heard it without know that you were hearing it. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
The heart of his story is about connection, finding your path, and staying true to that path as the route twists, turns, dead ends, and branches off in unforeseen directions.”

Jim Reilly’s Words and Music Podcast