Michael Kollwitz

The Power Of KFBK

…was truly amazing. Kitty O’Neal’s interviews with me aired multiple times on May 2, 2006. I myself heard it three times- in two different versions, no less. The turnout at my CD Release Party the following night- May 3rd- was nothing short of spectacular- with lots of new faces. Since then, I’ve had a great many people come up to me at other events and say “I heard about you and The Stick on KFBK”. Wow, that’s awesome! KFBK has one of the strongest AM signals in Central & Northern California (it can be heard up and down the state) but this takes the cake; a man came up to me this weekend in El Dorado Hills and told me he had heard the interview, too- while driving in Baja California after a fishing trip to MEXICO! All I can say is “Muy Bueno!” and thanks to Kitty and KFBK. We’ve converted the interviews to MP3 files and hope to get this on the website soon so you can hear it for yourself.