Michael Kollwitz

‘Santa Plays The Stick’ wins Best Holiday Album of 2019 from ZMR

Santa was happy to learn that ZMR (Zone Music Reporter*) has named his Billboard charting album ‘Santa Plays The Stick’ as Best Holiday Album of 2019. I commuted to the North Pole to give Santa lessons on The Chapman Stick during the summer. He really surprised us all with his delightful collection of Christmas music. We would both like to thank ZMR for this unexpected yet graciously accepted award. I understand they will be sending the award plaque up to Santa where he will, no doubt, display it proudly in his workshop.

*- New Orleans-based Zone Music Reporter is the organization that keeps track of multiple genre charts of many international recordings, including holiday music and New Age recordings.

Find the Album here:

Digital Download at https://michaelkollwitz-chapmanstick.bandcamp.com/album/santa-plays-the-stick

Physical CDs at https://michaelkollprd.wpengine.com/product/santa-plays-the-stick-cd/