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REVIEW of ‘Calm Waters’ by Dyan Garris of NewAgeCD

Thank you for your very kind words, Dyan. I am delighted to know how much you enjoyed ‘Calm Waters’!

“Calm Waters” by Michael Kollwitz | Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff
“Completely enchanting all through, delicately played, melodic, and soothing, ‘Calm Waters’ is like a vacation for the soul.” – Dyan Garris, New Age CD
I remember reviewing one of Michael Kollwitz’s albums, part of his Billboard charting “Serenity” series, a few years back. I also remember being completely enchanted.
Michael creates his music on an instrument called “The Chapman Stick®,” which is a little-known stringed instrument that is part of the guitar family. The Chapman Stick®, invented by Emmett Chapman, resembles the neck and head of a guitar, but is played more like a piano with two-handed tapping, and has a versatile range of sounds. The result is incredibly relaxing, unique music.
Michael has had an interesting musical journey, to say the least, and he was taught the intricacies of the instrument directly from Emmett Chapman himself beginning way back in 1976. Without a doubt, Michael is now master of “The Stick.”
“Calm Waters” is 12 tracks and 49 minutes of ultra-tranquility quite unlike any other soul-soothing music. The album opens with the calming, “Baby Beach,” which has that tropical feel and speaks beautifully to the soul of gentle ocean breezes and private little coves. Love this.
Following is the outstanding, “Across the Milky Way,” which is equally as beautiful and soothing. Already, and immediately, one can tell that it’s going to be impossible to pick a favorite here. You will want to get the whole album.
The title track is another to love. This is gentle, flowing, and melodic, as is every song here. At 3:43, I wish it were a bit longer. “Hidden Hand” is slow and languid, allowing us to feel the relaxation effortlessly seeping into every fiber of our being.
“Skyhawk” is melodious and serene and conjures up images of beautiful hawks soaring effortlessly in a blue sky. This is also quite beautiful.
“Quiet River” is amazingly tranquil, and we have a picture of floating down a lazy river without a care in the world. It feels that way too. I truly love the peaceful, “Rancho Relaxo,” which is flowing and calming to the spirit. Ditto for “Morning Star.” I can’t say enough good things about every song on this album.
“Sunshowers” is also a smoothly flowing piece, more “guitar” sounding, yet you know it’s not a guitar. This is yet another to absorb into your weary psyche and completely unwind. “Under The Sea” is slower paced – perfectly paced – and what masterful artistry it takes to completely illustrate the feeling of swimming or floating underwater. Amazing.
Also one to absolutely love is “Red Moon Rising,” which I believe, perhaps speaks to a moon rising in Sedona, Arizona, near where Michael currently resides. I think there is nothing else quite like that beauty, and the ambiance is perfectly conveyed here through the music.
The album rounds out with “Mysterious Journey,” which is soft, slow, delicate, and hypnotic. This is the perfect ending to a perfectly relaxing album, which is much like a total vacation for whatever ails you. Effortlessly phenomenal, all of it, “Calm Waters” is destined to be another hit for Michael Kollwitz.
Michael is one artist I’m sure you’d enjoy seeing in concert as well. Be sure to check out his tour schedule.
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