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READ- 1st Review for ‘Santa Plays The Stick’ by BT Fasmer

BT Fasmer

BT Fasmer

The very first review for Santa’s CD has arrived all the way from in Norway- the Gateway to the Fjords (which is much closer to the North Pole than I am.) Reviewer BT Fasmer said this about Santa’s album:

A usual critique of Christmas music is that it is dull, uninspired, and doesn’t offer anything new. Well, that is not the case with Michael Kollwitz’s “Santa Plays the Stick”. It is the most creative, playful, and joyous Christmas album that I have heard in years. If Santa plays an instrument, it must be the Chapman Stick! 

Fasmer critiques it track by track and gave the album a score of 96/100. You can read (and listen) to the rest here: