Michael Kollwitz

Suntan Lady CD


Hawaiian Slack Key feeling on Chapman Stick. 6 originals and 7 covers


SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! Continuing the blending of a Hawaiian slack key feeling into his Chapman Stick playing on ‘Suntan Lady’ Michael explores more Hawaiian standards and includes six new original compositions that put The Stick front and center. With a story behind every song, the emotion of Michael’s playing shines through. The original album graphics by Sean Stirling entice the eyes which soon discovers Chapman Sticks hidden everywhere! Still excited about the development of the new smaller, higher range 12 string Stick Guitar (SG-12) in July 2010 after the release of ‘Suntan Lady’ Michael wrote the following:

“Everything you hear on this CD (except steel guitar, ukulele or percussion) was recorded using Chapman Grand Stick and the new, smaller SG12 Stick Guitar. Both instruments have 12 strings (6 melody + 6 bass) and are equipped with MIDI pickups, which allows me to create all of the additional string and keyboard sounds heard on this recording. Tracks 4, 7, 11 & 13 feature the new SG-12 Stick. Hope you enjoy it. Aloha Nui Loa!”

Other musicians featured in this recording:

Don McClellan- Hawaiian steel guitar on tracks 1, 5, & 6
Mika Villaren- ukulele on tracks 3 & 12
Kris Thomas- percussion on track 7

13 tracks – total playing time 49:20

1. Suntan Lady 3:59
2. Ocean Pool 4:54
3. Aloha Oe 3:26
4. Happy Go Lucky 3:05
5. Watching the Whales 4:07
6. Puamana (Sea Breeze) 3:18
7. Flor de Luna 4:25
8. Daydream 4:08
9. White Sandy Beach 4:02
10. The Sailing Song 3:07
11. All My Loving 3:25
12. Hawaiian War Chant 2:13
13. Lahaina Lullaby 5:06