Michael Kollwitz

Number 1 on www.current.tv and KCRA Channel 3

Hi Everyone- I’m very happy to report that 3 days ago the 6 minute video mini-documentary that I helped Roy Plisko in Phoenix, Arizona produce in late October 2006 (wow- this is a LONG sentence…) reached the Number One spot on current.tv in both the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, current.tv is buying the option to the rights on this video and, I believe, they are planning on broadcasting it nationowide on their network of over 400 stations nationwide (on cable, dish & satellite). How exciting! The World will finally get to know of this amazing instrument, The Chapman Stick! I’m stoked (surfer dude talk…) Anyway… thanks to Roy and everyone for helping us get to NUMBER 1!

Don’t forget- I’ll be featured on the KCRA Channel 3 Noon News from Arden Fair Mall (Sacramento, CA) again on Monday May 21st. This program airs live throughout Northern California and I hope you’ll tune in. Better yet- just c’mon down- we’ll have a great crowd and we’ll have a lot of fun, to boot!