Michael Kollwitz

New album available: music for Relaxation & Healing Arts


Something new you might enjoy…

This is a new album of songs I specifically created for relaxation, meditation, yoga and the healing arts. All songs were recorded this summer in the Lake Tahoe area. Everything was recorded solo on the new Chapman Stick SG-12 instrument without the use of effects, synthesizers, loops or click tracks. I just sat down whenever the mood hit me and played, without any preconceived ideas or notions. The entire album was completely improvised “in the moment”. I hope you’ll enjoy the moods and feelings conveyed by this music. The album plays for almost an entire hour so it’s perfect for healing arts or just plain relaxing background music that you can play virtually anywhere. The crisp sound of the higher-register Stick Guitar (SG-12) lends itself well to this genre. I hope you like it.

You’ll find it here: http://www.cdbaby.com/all/stikmstr

All the best,

~Michael Kollwitz

P.S. This album is for digital download only. There are no physical CDs available.