Michael Kollwitz

Hear my debut on national radio!

On Thursday December 22, 2006 I was a featured guest on The Doug Stephan “Good Day” radio program. The program was broadcasted in 425 markets nationwide- coast to coast. In early December, I met Doug here in Sacramento after he broadcasted his show from the studios of KSAC TalkCity 1240 AM. He was intrigued by my music on The Chapman Stick (which he’d never heard of) and he loved the Christmas music on my CD “Frosty The Stickman”. A few days later his producer called and asked if I’d like to be a guest. Well, of course I would- wouldn’t miss it for the world! The interview was about 15 minutes in length and he played quite a few cuts from “Frosty”. If you’d like to hear the entitre interview, it’s archived to the Internet via .mp3 on his website. Go to: www.dougstephan.com/archive_logged.cfm
Once you’ve done that, you will find my segment on 12/22/2006 in hour3.mp3 The interview begins about 28 minutes into Hour 3 and it runs to about 44 minutes in Hour 3. After that, stay tuned- you’ll still keep hearing tracks from “Frosty”. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.