Michael Kollwitz

Frosty The Stickman Review

On Sat. Nov. 27th, I made a TV appearance on the popular local show, “Good Day Sacramento” with personality Marcus Allen. I was promoting the new Christmas CD, “FROSTY THE STICKMAN” at America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar (which was held last weekend at Cal Expo in Sac). I’m having this great clip digitized so you’ll be able to view it here within the next month. I also have a copy of a TV commercial that I made with the Harvest Festival for their San Diego show. It was aired in the San Diego area last month- I’ll also digitize it and add it here, as well. (In the meantime, why not view some of the 10 other clips? Just click on Video Clips in the right hand column)

Just received another great review for the new Christmas CD- “FROSTY THE STICKMAN”. This one comes from Jim Reilly in British Columbia, Canada. Jim has recently taken the helm of the “StickNews” Online Digest and has, in the past, worked with the Chapman family at Stick Enterprises in Woodland Hills, CA. The review is in StickNews #269 published on 11/29/04. It has not yet been archived into the digest so I’ll post it in the Guestbook for you to read now. Thanks to Larry Watkins for forwarding it to me from Bombay, India!

I received a nice note today from Sandra & Noland (whom I’ve met at one of my past performances). It made me feel warm & fuzzy so I just have to share it with you:

“We’re meeting friends for dinner on Friday night, and we were trying to think of something special and unique to take for a holiday gift. Your CD’s are the perfect answer. We’re sure our friends will enjoy them as much as we do”