Michael Kollwitz

[FREE SONG] “Meeting Carlos” (from the album ‘Snap Shots’)

FREE SONG – You’ll find this track to be completely different than my peaceful music: it features a highly distorted Santana sound complete with wah-wah and full percussion tracks created by Ron Feather of Montreal, Canada. As a thank you to fans of my music, it’s FREE for download until July 12th so grab it now! There’s a whole story that goes with it, too.


Go to the Bandcamp link above, click Buy Digital Track and just enter $o.oo (or whatever you want!) and you’ll be able to download it in any type of digital file you like (i.e. .mp3, .wav, etc.) Drag into your music library and it is yours to keep forever.

P. S. “Meeting Carlos” is track #10 on my album ‘Snap Shots’. If you’d like the whole album- just type CARLOS in the coupon box in your shopping cart to receive 25% off. Offer good until July 12th.