Michael Kollwitz

FREE CONCERT on 11/15/19!

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‘Santa Plays The Stick’ CD Release Concert

If You Go-

● What: Michael Kollwitz- Solo Chapman Stick

      ‘Santa Plays The Stick’ CD Release Concert

● When: Friday, November 15th, 6:30 PM

● Where: Sedona Posse Grounds Hub,

     525 Posse Ground Rd., Sedona


● More Info: (928) 250-9193


Friday, November 15th, Billboard artist and Sedona resident Michael Kollwitz is performing live in concert to celebrate the worldwide release of his new Christmas CD, ‘Santa Plays The Stick.’

The show is from 7:00 to 8:30 PM and takes place at The Sedona Hub in Posse Grounds Park, located at 525-B Posse Grounds Rd, Sedona. Doors open at 6:30 PM. Admission is free to the public.

Kollwitz says, “Unbeknownst to most, Santa Claus himself is a Chapman Stick player. He gets a lot of practice in the summer months at the North Pole when he’s not keeping the elves busy and the workshop tidy”. The new instrumental Christmas CD includes 15 tracks, all performed by Santa Claus himself, including four new original holiday compositions by Kollwitz.

Kollwitz is a pioneer player of a unique American stringed instrument known as The Chapman Stick®. Capable of astounding expressiveness and simultaneous multi-part arrangements, ‘The Stick’ combines elements of guitar, bass, keyboards, and percussion and played with both hands-more like a piano than a guitar. One of the inventor’s first students, Kollwitz, is the instrument’s most prolific recording artist. ‘Santa Plays The Stick’ is his 26th release.

Known for composing peaceful instrumental music on ‘The Stick, his trilogy of albums, ‘Serenity I, II & III,’ have made the Billboard Top Ten charts and received significant airplay around the world. His music has received numerous international awards and nominations. It is heard frequently on Spa channels of many airlines and in hospitals across the U.S. on the CARE Channel. ‘Serenity II’ also garnered Grammy nomination consideration. Seeing Kollwitz perform at an event in Hawaii, Carlos Santana was so impressed that he described Kollwitz’s music as “a gift of the heart.”

Kollwitz shares humorous stories and anecdotes from his colorful musical career, which keeps audiences laughing between songs. He jokingly refers to The Stick as “the best musical instrument you’ve never heard of”

Music critics and reviewers have fallen in love with the unique sound of ‘The Stick’ on Kollwitz’s previous ‘Serenity’ albums. Reviewer Bill Binkelman of Music Retailing Insight magazine said, “If you’ve never heard the magical musical strains of the Chapman Stick, you’re in for a treat. Melodic in a somewhat unconventional way, the Chapman Stick is played fingerstyle, like a guitar, but it has a particularly special sonic characteristic that invites introspection without succumbing to non-musical posturing. Difficult to describe in words, but oh so easy to enjoy, that is the beauty of the Chapman Stick in the right person’s hands, as it is here. Kollwitz is a maestro.”

You may feel the same way at this free concert by a unique local talent. Autographed copies of ‘Santa Plays The Stick,’ and his other releases will be available. The Hub is a small intimate venue with spectacular red rock views, so come early for the best seating. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and admission is free to the public.