Michael Kollwitz

FREE ALBUM – 74min. “Chapman Stick From Hawaii” until 3/1/20


Aloha Everyone-

I’m giving away an entire album FREE to say thank you for all your support in the last year or so! It’s been quite a ride, and I couldn’t have done it without you.

The album is one of my personal favorites, and it is entitled “Chapman Stick From Hawaii.” It is the longest album I’ve ever released, clocking in at 74 minutes. It includes 19 tracks that I recorded while I lived on Maui from 2007-2013. Eighteen are originals in all different styles, and I also recorded the Beach Boys “Surfer Girl.” (I couldn’t help myself!)

On a side note, I once opened for the Beach Boys in Reno, Nevada, but that seems like a few lifetimes ago.

To get the ENTIRE album for FREE, click on the button below and it will take you to the Bandcamp page for the album. Once there, click on Buy Digital Album and enter 0.00 in the ‘pay what you want’ box. (Of course, you can always pay something if you want to 🙂

But please- grab this album now. Offer expires on February 28, 2020.

Click Here for FREE Album!

It takes a few minutes to download. Once done, then drag the folder into your music player (i.e., iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc.), and it is yours forever. The album also comes with a .pdf of the liner notes. I wrote a few paragraphs about the background story and the recording of every song. Before I knew it the document was eight pages long. It also includes links to photos for every single track. I hope you’ll enjoy it. It is by far my personal favorite. And it’s full of aloha. Who doesn’t need MORE aloha??

P. S. Here’s what it looks like on Bandcamp.