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FREE TRACK – 11min. “Peaceful Journey” until 3/1/20

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You have all helped me in one way or another so I wanted to wish you a Happy Valentines Day! Grab the beautiful 11:11 minute-long track “Peaceful Journey” for FREE. But please, don’t delay- grab it now. This offer expires on February 28, 2020.

If you are interested in the back story of “Peaceful Journey,” read on. Otherwise, skip to the bottom for the link and instructions.

I had just returned to the mainland after six years on Maui, and I was getting my bearings again. I had been recording Hawaiian music and Beatles albums for the last few years, and I was ready for a change. I originally recorded this music for my wife’s tai chi class in Lake Tahoe in 2013, and I wasn’t going to release it at all. Later I decided to release it but only as a digital album. Since then, I’ve only pressed a limited number of physical CDs of ‘PJ’. The album is one very relaxing hour of Stick music that I listened to often while driving on mountain roads. It was my very first attempt at composing this style of music, and I found it to be incredibly enjoyable. There are no overdubs or effects except reverb. The songs were all recorded in one continuous take. For these recordings, I used the rarest and smallest version of the Chapman Stick®, which Emmett Chapman named “The Stick Guitar™️ Many (including myself) also refer to this instrument as the “SG-12”. The SG-12 Stick has twelve strings that are shorter than a standard Stick. As a result, it is in a much higher register. The left-hand plays in the guitar range and the right-hand plays up into the violin range. If you compare the range of a standard Stick to that of a tenor saxophone, the SG-12 would be the equivalent of a soprano saxophone. It is my favorite Stick model, although I don’t get to play it as much as I’d like since it does not have the low bass range that I find useful in so many of my recordings. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 😊



To download this entire 11:11 minute track for FREE go to 


Click on Buy Digital track and enter $0.00 (or more if you wish). It will look just like the screenshot below.

If you enter $0.00 you’ll be asked to enter your email address, after which you can start the download to your computer.

It only takes a couple of minutes or less to download the file. It comes onto your computer screen in a normal-looking blue computer file folder.

Once you are finished downloading, drag the entire folder directly into your digital music player (i.e., Tunes, Windows Media Player, etc.) and let go of the folder directly over your player’s computer icon. 

It will add itself to your music library automatically, and it’s yours forever.

Note: If you sync smartphones or tablets to your computer, the music will also be copied onto your mobile devices the next time you ‘sync up’.




P. S. If digital music isn’t your thing and you would rather have a physical CD of the entire album: you’ll find it by going to my Store at https://michaelkollprd.wpengine.com/store/ Use the coupon code 2020 and you’ll receive 25% off anything you order, including this album.

P. P. S. If you have no trouble downloading the track “Peaceful Journey” wanna grab another 74 minutes of FREE music? There is a post on my website’s main page (scroll down) that has a link for more music and more love. Grab the entire album “Chapman Stick From Hawaii”. It consists of 19 tracks all recorded on Maui even including a cover of ‘Surfer Girl’! And this album is also FREE! Aloha! Enjoy!