Michael Kollwitz

Under The Banyan Tree CD


Stick & Native American flutes recorded LIVE on Maui under a big tree.


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SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! Peaceful, meditative music that features both The Chapman Stick® and Native American flutes played by Lance Israel. This album was co-composed and recorded LIVE Under The Banyan Tree in Lahaina on Maui. These songs will have you floating away on balmy ocean breezes under swaying tropical palms.

Mixed and mastered by triple Grammy award winner Dave Russell (Steely Dan) of Paia, HI in 2008, ‘Under The Banyan Tree- Live From Lahaina’ was one of Kollwitz’s first collaborations and, also a change of direction into more peaceful, soothing music. The harmonious fusion of Native American flutes and The Chapman Stick was warmly received by listeners worldwide and in 2008 after the release of the album Kollwitz wrote:

“The music on this recording was born in a divinely inspired meeting of two musicians and an eclectic combination of instruments. We had only just met a few weeks before these recordings were made- at an art fair under the famous banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. There were no rehearsals or written music to follow; somehow the music just flowed forth, as if the planets all lined up. We watched and listened to each other. And that was all. It just came out. It was like musical magic and we’re grateful for the fact that this incredible weekend was captured so you may now enjoy it whenever you want a peaceful change of energy- at any time, no matter where you may be. We hope you will enjoy the music as much as we enjoyed making it. Now, take a seat and come join us under the banyan tree. With warm island regards from Lance & Michael.”

13 tracks – total playing time 64:31

1. Floating 6:16
2. Coming Home 5:35
3. Egypt (Solo Flute) 2:41
4. Conscious Call 6:25
5. Diamonds in the Water 5:42
6. Cry of the Poor (Solo Flute) 2:04
7. Currents 7:07
8. The Long Walk 5:59
9. Inner Light (Solo Flute) 3:21
10. One World 5:45
11. After the Rain 4:33
12. I Love You (Solo Flute) 2:19
13. Under the Banyan Tree 6:38