Michael Kollwitz

Steppin’ Out CD


My first CD: includes 6 originals & 8 covers in different genres.

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SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! This album was initially released in 2000 as ‘Severe Tire Damage’ (the title of the novelty track Kollwitz recorded for the first-ever compilation of Chapman Stick players titled ‘Tappistry Vol. 1’) Michael later decided that the title did not properly reflect the music on the album, so he renamed and rereleased it under the title ‘Steppin’ Out’. Since this was his first CD release, the title seemed much more appropriate. In 2003 Michael wrote:

“This is my very first CD release. Half the songs were recorded with drums and percussion- featuring three top pro drummers in different styles. You’ll hear the widest spectrum of what is possible with this amazing new instrument. Songs include jazz, blues, rock, traditional, originals, and a few surprises. Featured on the first-ever CD compilation of the world’s best Stick players, you’ll hear the novelty tune I wrote entitled “Severe Tire Damage” (initially released on Toe Tappin’ Records “Tappistry Volume 1”). There’s even a great version of “Stairway To Heaven” recorded in one take with no overdubs! Even I have difficulty believing just one person created the music with one instrument!”

Other musicians featured in this recording:

Steve Hargrave- drums on tracks 1, 3, & 14
Jason Kaye- drums on tracks 6 & 10
Steve Miller- drums & percussion on tracks 4 & 9

14 tracks – total playing time 58:03

1. Severe Tire Damage 4:16
2. Stairway to Heaven 7:30
3. To AZ ASAP 4:26
4. A Foggy Day 4:06
5. Misty 3:11
6. Likely Suspect 2:56
7. Over the Rainbow / Canon in D 4:31
8. Steppin’ Out 3:37
9. Out of Nowhere 3:21
10. Balboa Bay 3:50
11. Greensleeves 3:23
12. C’est La Vie 4:23
13. Michelle 2:59
14. Train to Tallahassee 5:28