Michael Kollwitz

Snap Shots CD


Different styles and genres using different models of The Chapman Stick.


SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! After returning to the Mainland in 2013 Kollwitz assembled recordings from his years in Hawaii that were just a little different and did not quite “fit” on any of the other albums he released during his years on Maui. Hence the title ‘Snap Shots’. After the album’s release in 2013 Kollwitz wrote the following:

“All selections on this album were recorded using various models of The Chapman Stick including the 12 string Grand Stick, 10 string Alto Stick and 12 string Stick Guitar (SG12). No two songs are alike! Some are purely solo performances. Some tracks feature drums and/or percussion. Some use sound effects while some do not. Some were recorded “live” at remote locations and others were recorded in a studio setting. My goal was to show the incredible versatility of this amazing instrument and how it could be used in many different styles and in many different ways.

These songs are a collection of “audio snapshots” representing different time periods, events and feelings I experienced while living on Maui. And they have all have been interpreted musically on Chapman Stick for your listening enjoyment… Mahalo for listening!”

Other musicians featured in this recording:

Steve Hargrave- drums on tracks 1, 5, & 6
Ron Feather- percussion on tracks 4 & 10

15 tracks – total playing time 48:35

1. Rainy Day Song 3:32
2. Tuesday Afternoon 2:22
3. La Chanson Pour Anna 4:15
4. Liquid Ocean 5:54
5. Little Miss Laptop 3:02
6. Submerged 3:45
7. Swaying Palms 3:21
8. Simply Without Words 2:34
9. Sleepwalk 3:02
10. Meeting Carlos 3:08
11. High Tide 4:11
12. Mood Elevator 2:08
13. Nonetheless 3:09
14. Home On the Range 1:55
15. Camptown Races 2:12