Michael Kollwitz

Rainbows CD


Recorded LIVE on Maui with the SG-12 Chapman Stick Guitar


SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! In 2010 Emmett Chapman developed an entirely new version of The Stick that he named the Stick Guitar (aka SG-12). Michael was excited to get one of the first SG-12s and put all his focus into mastering the new, smaller instrument (which is in a higher range than the Standard 10 string or 12 string Grand Stick). ‘Rainbows’ was recorded LIVE at the famous banyan tree in downtown Lahaina on Maui and was the first album ever to be completely performed on the new SG-12 instrument. ‘Rainbows’ has always been one of Michael’s personal favorites and after the 2012 release of ‘Rainbows,’ he wrote: “The Chapman Stick® is a radical new development in the stringed instrument world. Tapped with both hands (more like a piano than a guitar), The Chapman Stick has components of bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums. It is capable of simultaneous multi-part arrangements and is possibly the most expressive musical instrument ever devised. Everything you hear on this album was performed exclusively using the new Chapman 12-string Stick Guitar® (SG12™) and all tracks (except track 18) were recorded LIVE under the banyan tree in Old Town Lahaina, Maui. Enjoy!”

18 tracks – total playing time 59:02

1. El Farol 5:08
2. Autumn Leaves 3:40
3. Over The Rainbow 3:52
4. Cote d’Azur 5:09
5. Canon In D 2:21
6. Misty 3:31
7. Can’t Help Falling In Love 2:33
8. Moonlight Swim 2:02
9. Banyan Tree Blues Jam 3:59
10. So Far Away 2:59
11. Latin City 2:06
12. One Never Knows 4:12
13. From Me To You 2:34
14. Moon River 2:22
15. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer 3:38
16. Suicide Is Painless (Theme from M.A.S.H.) 2:33
17. Baby Elephant Walk 3:41
18. If 2:32