Michael Kollwitz

Peaceful Journey CD


Peaceful music composed on the Chapman SG-12 Stick at Lake Tahoe.

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SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! Imagine yourself taking a relaxing and peaceful journey through the forest surrounded by the beauty of nature. Composed and recorded over the course of one summer at Lake Tahoe, the music on this album will magically take you there anytime. This album marked a change in course for Michael’s music and was specifically created for relaxation, meditation, yoga, and the healing arts. All songs were recorded solo on the new smaller, higher range 12 string Chapman Stick Guitar (aka SG-12) instrument without the use of any effects, synthesizers, click tracks or overdubs. You’ll enjoy the moods and feelings conveyed by this poignant stirring music.

12 tracks total playing time – 60:00

1. Peaceful Journey 11:11
2. Base Camp 2:08
3. Meandering Trail 4:30
4. Alpine Meadow 2:31
5. Passing Clouds 7:03
6. Towering Pines 4:54
7. The Summit 3:10
8. Forest Meets Desert 5:14
9. Serene Valley 4:13
10. Wildflowers Abloom 3:27
11. Mirror Pond 6:08
12. Journey’s End 3:55