Michael Kollwitz

Memories CD


Great collection of light jazz, blues, rock and originals on Chapman Stick.

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SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! ‘Memories’ picks up where ‘Moments’ left off. This album is another great collection of relaxing Chapman Stick music all performed solo. Expect light jazz, blues, rock and originals with some great effects thrown in to add even more intensity to the unusually rich, full-bodied tone of The Chapman Stick. Michael treats us with classics like Santana, Beatles, and Hendrix in addition to his soothing originals all played solo on this elusive new instrument that has still not been noticed by the general population.

12 tracks – total playing time 46:51

1. Memories 5:30
2. Yesterday 2:48
3. Espanola’ 4:36
4. North South East West 3:53
5. Angel 4:04
6. Summer Evening 4:50
7. Song For My Father 3:48
8. Dreamin’ Again 3:54
9. Samba Pa Ti 3:57
10. Sunny 3:13
11. Soliloquy 3:30
12. Happy Trails 2:42