Michael Kollwitz

Hawaiian Paradise CD


Includes Hawaiian standards, pedal steel with a “slack key” feel....


SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent! ‘Hawaiian Paradise’ was Michael’s first album to include Hawaiian standards with the introduction of a more “slack key” feel to his playing. Recorded on Maui with the help of triple Grammy award winning engineer Dave Russell (Steely Dan) Michael let the influence of the islands blend with his talents on The Chapman Stick with beautiful results. Six new original compositions also grace the album with their deep emotion (‘Puamana Sunset’, ‘Huelo Morning’) or just having a good time (‘Front Street Stroll’, ‘Sugar Cane Train’). The introduction of Hawaiian steel guitar on a few of the tracks also adds tropical spice to the overall Hawaiian feel of the record. During the recording sessions, the album’s cover photo was taken from the lanai of Kollwitz’ studio in the Huelo area of East Maui, a mile off the Road To Hana.

Other musicians featured in this recording:

Don McClellan- Hawaiian steel guitar on tracks 1, 4, 8 & 12

12 tracks – total playing time 47:51
1. Blue Hawaii 4:15
2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow 3:55
3. Maui Songbird 3:47
4. Lahaina Luna 3:41
5. Hookipa Point 4:01
6. Surfer Girl 3:28
7. Huelo Morning 4:16
8. Front Street Stroll 5:28
9. House of the Rising Sun 4:30
10. Moon River 3:41
11. Puamana Sunset 3:36
12. Sugar Cane Train 3:08