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Calm Waters CD


‘Calm Waters’ follows in the peaceful, soothing tradition of the...

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SHIPPING: only 1¢ cent!  ‘Calm Waters’ follows in the peaceful, soothing Solo Stick tradition of the award-winning ‘Serenity’ series. Follow the quiet river as you cast your cares into calm waters. Experience a mysterious sonic journey to a land of enchantment. All tracks were recorded exclusively on Solo Chapman Stick using both the long-scale 12 string Grand Stick® and the shorter, higher-pitched 12 string Stick Guitar™️. Add a liberal sprinkling of MIDI sweeteners and spice to the recipe and you have a unique one-of-a-kind sound that is quite unlike any other instrument.

12 tracks – total playing time – 49:02

  1. Baby Beach
  2. Across The Milky Way
  3. Calm Waters
  4. Hidden Hand
  5. Skyhawk
  6. Quiet River
  7. Rancho Relaxo
  8. Morning Star
  9. Sunshowers
  10. Under The Sea
  11. Red Moon Rising
  12. Mysterious Journey


NOMINATED– Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of 2021 from One World Music Radio- based in Europe

WON– Bronze Medal Award from the Global Music Awards- based in the U.S.

TOP TEN TRACKS- ‘Rancho Relaxo’ for both the months of November 2021 and January 2022 on New Age Notes.


“Calm Waters is magnificent!! (feel free to quote me on that)” – BT Fasmer, NewAgeMusic.guide, Norway https://newagemusic.guide/new-releases/michael-kollwitz-calm-waters/

“The Chapman Stick must surely be one of the most calming musical instruments on the planet today, and, simply put, on Calm Waters, the Chapman Stick never sounded so good.” – Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio, Cyprus https://www.oneworldmusicradio.com/michael-kollwitz