Michael Kollwitz

For Your Consideration

61st Grammy Awards

Michael Kollwitz  

“Serenity II- More Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick”

Category: New Age

Top Ten Billboard New Age Album – April 2018

#10 on the ZMR Radio Charts – April & May 2018

“Serenity II is just the right amount of everything on every single track. Stunningly beautiful”  – Dyan Garris

“If you’ve never heard the magical musical strains of The Chapman Stick, you’re in for a treat on Michael Kollwitz’s Serenity II. Difficult to describe but oh so easy to enjoy, that is the beauty of The Chapman Stick in the right person’s hands, as it is here” – Bill Binkelman

“Serenity II (is) pure velvety beauty to be enjoyed, absorbed, relished and adored. Gloriously, uniquely gorgeous!” – Janet Mawdesley

Video from “Serenity II”: